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People and Blogs is a weekly newsletter, delivered every Friday, where I ask interesting people to talk about themselves and their blogs.

The goal is to both highlight wonderful human beings and their blogs, and also to promote a healthier way to inhabit the web and show that traditional social media is not the be all and end all when it comes to having an internet presence. Learn more about P&B or read previous editions with Manton Reece, Rachel J. Kwon, Kev Quirk, Brian Koberlein, Toby Shorin, Andrea Contino, Ana Rodrigues, Jim Nielsen, Ray Thomas, Jamie Crisman, Piper Haywood, Chris Coyier, Robin Rendle, Nicolas Magand, Eli Mellen, Jamie Thingelstad, Chris Butler, Derek Sivers, Arun Venkatesan, Rachel Smith, Tom MacWright, Ran Prieur, Winnie Lim, Phil Gyford, Peter Rukavina, and Herman Martinus

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